Your Animal Welfare and Nature Positive Tourism Solution

Through our auditing services, we also seek to protect animals and nature in the supply chain. Embracing the Nature Positive approach in Travel & Tourism, we recognise the urgency and significance of improving animal welfare and halting biodiversity loss. We believe that the first step towards a sustainable future lies in understanding, and mitigating our impacts on the environment.

Animal Welfare & Nature Positive Tourism Auditing

Preverisk has partnered with ANIMONDIAL, experts in animal and nature protection, to provide the go-to auditing solution to help travel businesses ensure good practice standards in animal welfare and nature protection in the product supply chain.

Our Animal Welfare and Nature Positive supplier auditing services help your businesses to:

  1. Assess your animal-based product and suppliers against science-based targets.
  2. Ensure your animal / nature-based activities safeguard animals from harm.
  3. Support your suppliers to improve animal welfare standards and comply with industry guidelines.
  4. Receive guarantees that your activities with animals do not put your customers at risk.

Are you interested in our Nature Positive and Animal Welfare auditing services?

How does it work?

A tour operator may choose to involve animal or nature-based experiences in their portfolio. By doing so, they have a duty of care, in addition to the supplier, to ensure the animals are well treated and kept appropriately, nature is protected, and that their customers are not exposed to potential risk.

Our auditing service provides reassurance that all animals within an attraction, or tourism experience, are in a good physical and mental welfare state, and are protected against harm. This requires an assessment of the living conditions and husbandry standards for animals kept in a captive environment or used to carry people or loads, and for animals in the wild, a review of viewing practices. Auditing ensures tourism operation and activities do not negatively impact on individual animals, cause biodiversity loss, or degrade natural habitats.

It is a complex topic, with many species and activities involved, but fundamentally it requires knowledge of animals and nature, and expertise on how to mitigate negative impact. Our team of auditors are fully trained by ANIMONDIAL , the experts in animal and nature protection, guaranteeing a trusted and reliable service.

Our animal welfare auditing is built on the animal welfare principles (referred to as the Five Domains), the most contemporary and well-accepted framework for measuring animal welfare. While our unique Nature Positive Tourism auditing combines sustainability, animal welfare and Nature Positive approaches to provide a one-stop-shop of nature protection.

Where does our service fit in the Nature Positive Tourism Approach?

By reducing negative impacts on biodiversity and building back nature, our Animal Welfare and Nature Positive auditing solutions follow the Nature Positive Tourism approach created by ANIMONDIAL and advocated by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

1. Assess & Define:

Your operational impacts on animals and nature with ANIMONDIAL's NATOUR IMPACT Tool. 

3. Audit:

Your products or suppliers against best practice standards in animal welfare and nature protection.

2. Commit:

Your company to adopting animal and nature protection.

4. Monitor & Report:

Identify key issues within the supply chain, set ambitious targets and monitor and report on progress as your business progressively reduces its impacts and makes Nature Positive improvements.

These simple steps will ensure your travel business can get ahead of the game in meeting the obligations as set out in the Kumming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, the global goal for nature.

Why is this so important?

  1. We must act now. The Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), was agreed at the UN Biodiversity Conference COP15. This is an ambitious yet achievable plan to increase protected areas to 30% of the planet, safeguarding vital ecosystems from rainforests to wetlands, and to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030.
  2. As a result, business are now expected to assess their risks, impact and dependencies on nature, and actively reduce and seek Nature Positive opportunities. Large and multinational companies also need to include their value chains within this expectation.
  3. With over 80% of Travel & Tourism is reliant on nature and implicit in all five divers of biodiversity loss, it is our responsibility to act now.
  4. We are in the next We will not achieve Net Zero without also restoring nature.
  5. Without better standards of animal care and better regulated animal and nature interaction, we risk another global pandemic.

Travelling in Harmony With Nature


ANIMONDIAL is a specialist consultancy working with travel and tourism businesses to improve animal welfare, halt biodiversity loss and ensure nature’s recovery. Combining experience in developing and delivering ground-breaking initiatives, policy, science-based guidance and trainings, ANIMONDIAL is supporting the global industry to transition towards a nature-positive future: mitigating harms to animals and biodiversity, and to build back nature. Notable outputs include the creation of NATOUR IMPACT, a means for business to identify their risks and opportunities, the authorship of ABTA’s Animal Welfare Guidelines and auditing support, WTTC’s Preventing Illegal Wildlife Trade and Nature Positive Travel & Tourism. Businesses work with ANIMONDIAL to navigate the complexities of animal and nature protection, evaluate and disclose their operational impacts and opportunities, and identify community conservation partnerships.

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